Paradiseparkdesignstudios is located on the island Amarger in Copenhagen. Situated between Copenhagen airport and the city centre. Based in a converted factory, originaly used as the next door hospitals laundry. In 1998 the old factory was converted into workshops and studios. Within the factory is a variety of different workshops as well as different skilled artists and designers. Paradiseparkdesignstudios has its own private drawing studio, workshop space and meeting room/kitchen. In addition to private facilities the factory creates a rare ability for artists and designers to work closely together and access different creative processes. A 900 meter sq. open hall space means size and space is never a restriction.
Finding Paradise
Five minutes walk from either Amargerbro metro or Islandsbrygge metro. The factory is set back from the road to the side of Sundholms hospital, now a reform center. The small side turning can easily be spotted by the large wall of graffiti on the small building that is KÝbenhavns Graffiti Bureu, the KGB. The factory can be found at the end of the side road on the left past the small gathering of reformed citizens. Parking is easy as the only park within a mile radius is a car park that surrounds the factory. Welcome to Paradiseparkdesignstudios.